Embrace EdTech and engage the class

Schools that fail to embrace technology in the classroom will find it increasingly difficult to capture the attention of children, according to Dr Patricia Davies, a senior lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton.

An expert in computer science, Dr Davies’ new book Enhancing Learning and Teaching with Technology says that while schools across the country are investing huge amounts of money in purchasing iPads and other digital tools for the classroom, teachers often do not know enough about the effect they have on children’s learning.

“We are getting to the stage where learning in a traditional setting is becoming more and more boring for young people and children,” she told The Telegraph. “We run the risk of losing a lot of them because they are not engaged.”

Analysing the children’s responses to the use of iPads, she discovered “it was easy for them to become disengaged and disinterested in classes that did not involve iPad use because ‘the lessons are boring and [we] find it hard to concentrate’.”

She concluded that the “excitement of these new digital technologies has the potential to prompt novel ways of teaching and learning”.