Rate Card

Prices and Sizes – Magazine Publication

Prices are reflective of one advertisement in one edition. Prime Positions are shown in all regions, and regional advertisements are shown in the region booked. For a list of all regions please see our Region section. Quoted prices are subject to availability within the magazine.

Prime Positions Cost
Double Page Spread Inside Front Cover £4,999.00
Outside Back Cover £3,999.00
Double Page Spread £2,999.00
Inside Back Cover £2,445.00
Regional Advertisement Size Cost
Full Page Run of Magazine £795.00
Half Page Run of Magazine £595.00
Quarter Page Run of Magazine £345.00
Eighth Page Run of Magazine £295.00

Prices and Sizes – Website Advertising

Advertisement Size Cost
Leader Board (Appears top of page) 900 x 90 pixels £250.00
Banner (Appears bottom of page) 900 x 90 pixels £200.00
MPU (Mid page unit) 300 x 250 pixels £100.00

Prices are exclusive of VAT.