The essential podcast for teachers


Ep 6: When teaching stops and parenting starts

Ben, David and Sam discuss the difficulties of being a full-time teacher and parent, and how best to tackle both roles without impacting on the other. Plus, they discuss Activity Passports and Sam’s inability to carry a laptop across a classroom without dropping it!

Ep 5: Why leave mid-year?

This week the boys are joined in studio by their first guest, Year 4 teacher Shannen Doherty, to discuss the issue of teachers leaving school mid-year and the impact it has on both the departing educator’s career and the school and students left to pick up the pieces.

Ep 4: Teacher retention crisis

This week Ben, David and Sam tackle the issue of teacher retention. With recent studies showing that around 30% of newly qualified teachers leaving the profession within the first five years, the panel discuss what this means for the profession and what could be done to turn things around.

Ep 3: Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year?

The trio put on their Christmas jumpers and recap some hilarious moments of their week. Pondering their upcoming Christmas tactics and presents, Ben, David and Sam discuss some of the guidelines around Christmas and the festivities – before David lets slip his golf course plans.

Ep 2: School Trips

Ben, David and Sam discuss some of their favourite trips from their school days, and recall some comedy moments from their recent trips as teachers. Plus, they recall some highlights from their school week. And, I’m sure if you didn’t know already, David’s been too Barbados!

Ep 1: You teach primary, but you’re a bloke?

HWRK Magazine’s official podcast finally goes live with Episode 1, featuring the likely lads – Ben King, David Keyte and Sam Stewart – who dive straight into the subject of men teaching in primary schools in their own authentic, no holds barred style. By teachers for teachers.