Bring On Summer: Part 2 – The Workout

Kevin Kearns’ second part to getting healthy and in shape in time for the holidays. Read Part 1 here.

Phase 1: Laying Foundations

We will start with 1-3 sets of up to 20 reps, with minimal rest between each exercise. Weeks 1-4, this will be your building base phase for your 12-week beach body plan.

1. Squats
2. Spilt lunges
3. Wall push-ups
4. Toe raises
5. Floor side planks
6. Suspension rows
7. Bodyweight kayaks

Phase 2: Explosive Power

Here’s your workout from weeks 5-8. It takes at least two weeks to build muscle memory and then you start building real strength. I’m a big fan of tweaking any workout every four weeks. 1-3 sets of 20 reps will continue to get more challenging as the weeks go on.

1. Jump squats
2. Spilt lunge jumps
3. Military push-ups
4. Toe jumps
5. Side planks to leg lift
6. Plank with alternating feet off the ground
7. Isometric suspension rows
8. Bodyweight kayaks with feet off the ground


Now that we’ve established the base phases we are going to progress to a HIIT (high intensity interval training) circuit consisting of three rounds, each featuring eight exercises. Race through all eight exercises per round and aim to complete 3-5 circuits with minimal rest periods between.

This is a great way to get stronger and add more cardio in the same workout. Aim for 30 seconds or 20 reps of each drill.

Round 1

1. Squats
2. Push-ups
3. Pull-ups
4. Kayaks
5. Toe jumps
6. Jump squats
7. Push-ups
8. Planks

1–2 minute rest / hydrate period

Round 2

1. Split jumps
2. Pull-ups
3. Toe jumps
4. Pull-ups
5. Planks
6. Side planks
7. Kayaks
8. Push-ups

1–2 minute rest / hydrate period

Round 3

1. Jump squats
2. Split jumps
3. Pull-ups
4. Push-ups
5. Jump squats
6. Kayaks
7. Planks (alternating)
8. Side plank with leg lift

Coach Says:
“If any of these exercises are unfamiliar then use your phone for something other than social media and do a quick search online. You’ll find all of these exercises complete with video tutorials.”