Culture comes in all flavours

The cultural centre off Chesterton road is the only European Cultural Centre in Cambridge promoting Italian, Spanish and English language and culture.

In our 10th year, we can proudly affirm that what distinguishes La Dante centre from other language schools is its popular learning approach, where students find a unique blend of language and culture. Each year, we welcome hundreds of people who appreciate our wide range of cultural events we very much enjoy altogether. La Dante is a non-for-profit cultural association, founded in 2008 and it’s the only European Cultural Centre in Cambridge promoting Italian, Spanish, and English language and culture.

What makes us different is the wide range of workshops organized for our students: from cinema screenings to talks, free conversation classes and cooking events.
Students learn in small classes with native teachers using a communicative approach. In order to meet all students’ needs, we offer long-term courses as well as intensive ones.
Italian and Spanish learners can borrow books and dvds from La Dante Library, and listen to Radio Dante, a bilingual radio which broadcasts programmes in Spanish and Italian language.


As for our childrens classes, they learn Italian and Spanish using games, songs and role-play with native teachers.
Like the American linguist Kreshen says ‘to keep the brain active, just do three things: drink coffee, read and learn a new language’. So, what are you waiting for? Come and visit us!

Our cultural centre offers FREE taster sessions. or call 01223 315 191